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:: drum & bass
:: breaks, dubstep
:: hip hop, electronica

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Sinking Again [MJAZZ]

kiadó: Misspent Music
katalógusszám: MISSPENT008
formátum: digital download
megvásárolható: digital-tunes
műfaj: drum & bass
megjelenés: 2008. augusztus 6.

release notes:
Hot on the heels of brand new releases on various labels, ICR debuts on the legendary drum & bass veteran, Tony Justice's (Moving Shadow, Partisan, Creative Wax, Recordings Of Substance, Shadow Records, Hydrogen Dukebox, etc) relaunched MJAZZ label! Following the label's ethos Justice picked up two of ICR's deepest, musical tracks that represents modern urban jazz.
Same New Song is a brand new, fresh cut (and his first tune in nine months!) with chopped up breaks, heavy bass and lush piano chords; Sinking Again is like a follow-up to his new 12" Almost There (on Influence), keeping the monotonous, cinematic vibe.